Bolton Cabaret (2012)

A devised cabaret inspired by the 90s and Michael Bolton hit wonders.

The late night show invited audiences to join the deadbeats, floozies, mermaids and Michael Bolton impersonators on a trip to the dead-end of nowhere. With cinematic design, film noir, live music and tigers.

A Parrot in the Tank production created in association with The Point, Eastleigh. Performed at Summerhall as part of Edinburgh Fringe 2012.

Created by Anisha Fields, Eva Liparova, Sam Smith, Max Perryment
Technical Manager: Jay Mobbs-Beal
Composer: Max Perryment
Sound Designer: Tom Gibbons
LX Designer: Sam Smith

Photos © Jemima Yong

  • Role Producer & Performer
  • For Summerhall at Edinburgh Fringe
  • Type performance, cabaret, clown, improvisation, fringe
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